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Volcano, Amador County - A California Gold Rush Town

The little town Volcano sits quietly among the hills in Amador County, California. When the weather is nice, tourists flock to the old town and several popular attractions are nearby. One of the best known of these is Daffodil Hill, an old farm planted densely with daffodils of many types. For some weeks each spring the place erupts with riots of color and bloom, and tourists come to picnic among the pines and the flowers. Quiet little Volcano was not always as it is now, it once roared with the activity of thousands of miners digging for gold.

For untold ages the Indian around the site of Volcano had gathered acorns and pine-nuts, and captured the deer and other game with which the hills abounded. But when gold was found in the Sierra Nevada foothills, men rushed to California to get their share of the wealth. When the miners arrived in the Volcano area, gold was discovered in the hills, gold on the flats, in the gulches, everywhere; gold that opens the roads to influence, power, and happiness.

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